How can Warehouse Labor Management help my business?

In today’s hyper-competitive, multi-channel world, you need to do more than track labor productivity. You need to turn your warehouse into a performance-focused competitive edge, by focusing on a shared view of excellence. JDA Warehouse Labor Management provides a new, real-time view of warehouse activities. It makes employees accountable for their own results — and transforms supervisors into effective mentors. You can define best practices and performance expectations, then ensure that the whole team is embracing them.

Using JDA, you can improve your planning and scheduling by ensuring just the right number of workers with the right skills are available exactly at the time needed to fulfill order demand. You can also get real-time visibility into labor concerns before they become issues and gives you the ability to shift labor where it’s needed.

Want to identify and understand the opportunities in your business? We invite you to complete a comprehensive and complimentary Warehouse Labor Management Self-Assessment to benchmark your company against the very best.


  • Supports continuous improvement via trend analysis, real time monitoring and report cards
  • Provides visibility into current workloads, tasks completed and employee downtime
  • Delivers advanced workforce planning, scheduling and task optimization


  • Decreased labor expenses
  • Improved morale and reduced turnover
  • Higher productivity and throughput

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