How can Demand Planning help my business?

There’s so much riding on your demand forecast. Guess wrong, and you’ll end up with too much inventory — which ties up capital — or too little inventory, which means stock-outs. JDA Demand Planning increases your accuracy by creating a consolidated, synchronized view of true demand signals across your trading network. Its powerful and customizable dashboard leverages exception-based KPIs, enabling users to be more proactive to market changes. Integrated notifications further bolster organization-wide communication for more timely solution resolution. You can confidently integrate your forecast across the enterprise with core activities including replenishment, warehousing and transportation — delivering improvements in revenues, costs and customer service.


  • Supports real-time collaborative scenario communication and planning between demand and supply
  • Enables accurate forecasting, even for slow movers and new products
  • Web interface and mobile capabilities facilitate inputs from partners and internal stakeholders


  • Increased inventory turns and availability through inventory optimization
  • More strategic pricing and promotions
  • Decreased overall supply chain costs, due to accurate demand-supply matching
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