Better predict demand to move the needle for your company

Running an optimized manufacturing environment can be challenging. You need to better plan and schedule deployment of physical and human assets, inventory and processes across your global production network to maximize return on invested capital while reducing operating expenses. You also need to provide rapid response to changes in demand and supply, collaborate with upstream suppliers and downstream distributors and retailers, and provide personalized customer experiences throughout.

It all sounds simple, right? We didn't think so. But JDA can help.

Manufacturing Planning and Category Management deliver:

All solutions
  • Segmented demand capabilities to create profitable prioritization across the enterprise
  • Simulated buy-make-move-store-deliver scenarios to support informed decision making
  • New sales and profit levels - exceed sales plans at the store level
  • More scale - Maximize planner productivity through automation
  • Increased agility to effectively address change and disruption
  • Orchestrated planning processes to optimize resources, materials and assets around the globe
  • Satisfied customers - personalized shopping experiences with targeted assortments
  • Support execution - including compliance and mobility solutions

Order Promising

“It would take us five days traditionally to do a ‘what if’ promise for a customer that decided to make a change in their supply chain. Today I can do it in less than an hour.”

Rich Fitzgerald, VP Business Operations, Avnet Embedded

78 out of the world’s top 100 manufacturers run JDA, including these industry leaders:

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