How can Floor Planning help my business?

Only the best suppliers are chosen by their retail partners for aisle management — which means you need to produce accurate plans that drive revenue growth. You need the right tool for the job: JDA Floor Planning. This innovative solution matches diverse retail layouts with insights about local demographics and consumer preferences to create winning aisle-management plans. Supported by 3D models and an intuitive user interface, JDA Floor Planning is the industry’s leading aisle-management solution.


  • Rapid plan production via best-practice workflows
  • Ability to define aisle layouts in 3D
  • Supports the production of multiple plans concurrently
  • Compatible with computer-aided design (CAD) models created with Autodesk Revit® or AutoCAD® software
  • Factual basis for rationalizing space and building retailer trust


  • Increased alignment of aisle layouts with consumer preferences
  • Improved planning productivity
  • Higher sales, profits and inventory return

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