Building Localized Planograms Building Localized Planograms

How can Planogram Generator help my business?

If your stores don’t cater to local shoppers’ needs, they’ll go somewhere else. But how can you produce hundreds or thousands of localized planograms? The answer is simple: JDA Planogram Generator. This solution automatically produces optimized, store-specific planograms that consider varying fixtures, assortments and performance data. You can automate high-volume planogram creation — freeing your staff to focus on category analysis, market trends and other strategic issues to fuel performance.

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  • Available in enterprise and single-user versions
  • Supports space optimization via defined merchandising rules and assortments
  • Industry’s best production rate


  • Improved precision in ensuring planograms cater to the local consumer
  • Increased planner productivity, agility and flexibility
  • Faster ability to respond to market changes
  • Improved returns on space

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