How could Track & Trace help my business?

Stuff happens! Contaminates, defects, tampering, recalls—when the unexpected occurs, putting consumer safety and/or your brand quality at risk, how ready are you to respond?  Having an expedited capability to lock down inventory within your control as well as identify and recall at risk products beyond your control can make or break your ability to contain a quality risk before damage to your brand occurs.  JDA Track & Trace can help you sleep easier knowing that even in a worst case scenario, you can quickly and effectively respond and report on the containment of the issue in real time. 


  • Real-time visibility into inventory, components and raw materials across internal and external facilities and systems
  • Tools to manage and confirm inventory lock-down or release across your digital network
  • End-to-end traceability throughout the digital supply chain, tying consumer shipments to manufacturing orders and supplier lots
  • Real-time reporting and collaboration tools for retailers to register recall statistics for comprehensive visibility into exposure and containment
  • Cloud-based entry from multi-tiered suppliers


  • Reduced administration and increased confidence for quality events
  • Faster containment of quality events with broader purview of exposed product
  • Helps protect customers and your brand image
  • Facilitates legal track and trace compliance

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